I Got The Job! – Kevin

kevin  IMG_0476

My name is Kevin. I have my own apartment at LGJ. I wanted a job in the community.  I went to job coach and they got me an interview at Home Hardware. When I had my interview, I was calm and cool about it.  I got the job.  I did some courses on line with staff helping me.  My hours are 9am to 3pm every Monday and Tuesday.  I would like to work there 5 days a week.  Staff does come with me because I need some help finding the numbers when I stock shelves. My job also is to water the plants and flowers.  I even get breaks and lunch.  The best part is I make extra money and save to buy things I want or do things I want.

I also went to North Bay and ate by the water next to the big boat and went shopping at the mall (went to lots of stores). Bought things I like.  My favorite thing to do is to shop.  I am so happy that I saved money and bought a big TV and it is on the wall.  When I shop of course I buy music CD’s, clothes, pens and paper. I go out for supper and lunches. I am now saving my money for a DVD player and DVD movies.