What is fundraising?

Fundraising is a significant way to obtain funds to purchase additional items that can be beneficial to any organization. Fundraising, or “friend-raising”, can increase awareness and it can also build strong working relationships within the community.

The CLE Fundraising Committee was established in 2010 to look at effective and creative ways of fundraising in order to purchase items that would benefit the entire agency and most importantly the individuals we support. The committee is composed of CLE Board members, the Executive Director, managerial/administration staff and direct care staff. Each year the committee develops a work plan list of focus items for our major fundraising priorities.


Our fundraising efforts support all programs and services at Community Living Espanola. To date, we have been successful in raising funds through carwashes, barbecues, yard sales, luncheons, grocery-bagging, scrapbooking, community challenges, and most recently our cash calendar fundraiser. These events and activities also contribute to our standing in the community by promoting awareness of our services and encouraging community participation.

CLE’s Fundraising Committee:

Fundraising Chair Denise Lamothe
Members Kathy Lewis
Donelda Houle
Nancy Fallat
Louise Laplante
Laurie Carney
Lori St. Pierre
Chris Power
Dianna Boivin
Debbie Langlois
Kathy Ainslie
Recording Secretary Chad Minten

Upcoming Events
For easy reference to CLE’s events, we have published an event calendar. Simply click here to view.

Community Living Month
May is Community Living month in Ontario. Each year, Community Living Espanola hosts their Annual Yard Sale and BBQ to increase awareness and create a strong, unified message of inclusion for people with developmental disabilities.

Thank you to our Community Partners
Community Living Espanola thanks all of those groups or members in our community who have been very generous with their support. Their gift supports our goal to provide quality services to people who have an intellectual disability and to promote inclusion in the community.

CLE presented with a cheque for $5,000 towards the purchase of a new wheelchair van

The Espanola Lion’s Club donated $18,000 towards the new van

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps” ~ Confucius