Community Participation Supports

The goal of Community Living Espanola’s Community Participation Supports is to provide individuals with meaningful and enjoyable activities each day. Individuals are offered a choice of participating in various community activities such as; bowling, curling, trips to the library, local coffee shops and the mall, hayrides and sleigh rides, picnics at Clear Lake, trips to the country to see the wildlife, and involvement in local events and goings-on.

Individuals are often busy playing educational games on the computer, making crafts and producing artwork, participating in bingo games, enjoying movies, singing to karaoke tunes and cooking and serving in the agency cafeteria. In addition to group activities, those who attend the agency’s day program are encouraged and supported to develop and pursue individual interests and hobbies as specified in their Person-Centered Plans.

As part of the agency’s physical exercise program, individuals are encouraged to participate in daily light exercises and dancing to music in the large skills room. Individuals enjoy participating in the Circle of Friends, a social skills development activity which promotes social interaction and communication. Small work contracts obtained from local businesses enable some individuals to gain work experience and receive wages.  A Relaxation Room is furnished with a big comfy loveseat and chair for those individuals who want some quiet time to listen to soothing and relaxing music.

Community Participation Supports is committed to providing opportunities for growth and appropriate supports to all individuals in its care. Community Participation Supports operates Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Contact Kathy Ainslie, Program Manager at (705) 869-0442 ext. #30.