Supported Independent Living Program (SIL)

The goal of the Supported Independent Living program is to promote, support and enable individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their potential and be independent in the community. Services provided are identified through the Person Centered Planning process to ensure that the individual’s physical, psychological, and emotional needs are recognized and addressed. Supports may include assisting individuals with medication administration and/or medical treatments, personal hygiene, cooking and meal supervision, grocery and personal shopping, appointments, social skills training and transportation.

To address safety issues, individuals are encouraged to attend and participate in workshops such as Pedestrian and Fire Safety which are planned and organized by Supported Independent Living staff. Vocational counselling services are also provided and include planning for, and securing employment for interested individuals.

To promote and ensure community inclusion, individuals are made aware of any and all community events and organized activities to provide them with recreational choices. Staffing support and transportation are provided to those individuals who require assistance to participate. The promotion of independence, quality of life, and the health and safety of all individuals receiving services are the main objectives of the Supported Independent Living program.

Contact Kathy Ainslie, Program Manager at (705) 869-0442 ext. #30.